1802 Oyster Bar x Kinkawooka Shellfish

Flavourful taste mussels

Famous for its fresh, high quality oysters and its amazing array of local seafood, 1802 Oyster Bar is a laid-back contemporary bar and restaurant in beautiful Coffin Bay, South Australia.

And with our Kinkawooka Shellfish and Boston Bay premium mussels, 1802 Oyster Bar is the place to be for both locals and tourists wanting to sample the very best the Eyre Peninsula has to offer.

Plated Mussels

Unforgettable South Australian experiences

1802 Oyster Bar was remodelled from an existing restaurant and the name reflects the history of the area, the date Matthew Flinders mapped the bay.

With a strong focus on serving oysters fresh from the bay, this is the perfect destination for a glass of wine, a relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous views of oyster leases and spectacular sunsets.

Whether you’re craving classic beer battered fish and chips or their famous homemade salt and pepper calamari, your taste buds will thank you for the delicious experience. And of course, their extensive oyster menu is simply to die for. From French to Kilpatrick to Kipedro, 1802 is heaven for oyster lovers.

But 1802’s passion isn’t only focused on preparing delicious seafood. They also care deeply about their community. As the Eyre Peninsula’s most authentic and premium seafood destination, 1802 is also very proud to have won the 2021 Community Event of the Year award on Australia Day for their fundraising efforts in 2020 after the bushfires.

Cooked mussels in a bowl

Ocean fresh flavour

Andrew has been the head chef at 1802 Oyster Bar for the last two and a half years. Mussels are always close to his heart, thanks to his origins in the UK.

“Mussels have always been part of my life. I’m from northern Wales and the Menai Strait is famous for oyster and mussel growing. I’ve always loved cooking and eating mussels. They’re so easy to cook and extremely versatile. Plus, you can’t beat that sweet, fresh flavour,” says Andrew.

“We’ve played around with our mussel recipes quite a bit. Right now, we have a 1kg mussel bowl cooked in Thai mango curry sauce and coriander relish. We’ve also previously made mussels with bacon, cider and creme fraiche… there’s just so much you can do with mussels.”

1802’s mussel bowl and Boston Bay mussels in a Thai yellow curry with flatbread are both customer favourites and perfectly paired with a glass of your favourite wine.

Mussel farm

Quality mussels

Our mussels are farmed off the west coast of Spencer Gulf in South Australia… meaning they are right at home on 1802 Oyster Bar’s menu. Andrew adds,

“The quality of the Kinkawooka and Boston Bay mussels is fantastic. We use a variety of both brands, and we’ve always been proud to showcase these mussels on our menu. We work really well with EP Seafoods and we’re happy to continue supporting such a great product.”

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we have three premium brands of mussels: Kinkawooka Shellfish and Boston Bay Mussels.

When you put our mussels on the menu, you are guaranteed a high quality ingredient that delivers on taste in every shell.

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