Why Australian seafood is the best

Kinkawooka mussels in tomato base

At EP Seafoods, we’re experts at harvesting the highest quality of Australian blue mussels. We’re fortunate to call the pristine oceanic waters of Boston Bay home, and we’re especially blessed to be part of Australia’s growing seafood industry.

With sustainable harvesting and a 100% natural environment, it’s no surprise that Australia’s seafood industry puts one billion high quality, nutritious and great tasting seafood meals on tables around the world each year.

So, whether you’re opening up some fresh Boston Bay mussels or searing a snapper, Australian seafood is easy to cook, organically grown, packed with nutrients and, best of all, bursting with ocean fresh flavour.

Enjoying Aussie seafood is ‘easy as’

‘Great Australian Seafood, Easy As’ is a new national marketing campaign launched by the Australian seafood industry’s peak body, Seafood Industry Australia (SIA).

The campaign celebrates Australian seafood, its ties to Aussie culture and, importantly, encourages each and every Australian to eat more Aussie seafood.

The campaign inspires consumers to add more Australian seafood to their diets and break the mindset that seafood is hard to cook, reminding Aussies that it’s actually ‘Easy As’.

And because our purpose is to produce Australia’s finest quality mussels, we’re proud to support Great Australian Seafood’s campaign towards increasing local seafood consumption.

We’re incredibly passionate about producing perfect mussel conditions, flavours and texture from water to plate. We know that when our customers buy our mussels, they get the best Australia has to offer.

And with our pot ready fresh mussels, cooking mussels is definitely… easy as!

Mussels with soup dish in a pan

International influence

The quality of Australia’s seafood isn’t just beloved nationally. Our locally produced seafood is not only enjoyed across millions of plates around the world, but our process and standards are admired by many different countries.

We have learned a lot about sustainability and continue to integrate sustainable processes from packaging to harvesting. This helps countries like China, who don’t have many actionable policies in place, with examples that they can follow in their seafood industry.

Additionally, Singapore’s proximity to South Australia also means a reduction in food miles as compared to importing Boston lobsters from the United States, or Carabinero prawns from the east Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea.

At EP Seafoods, we grow Kinkawooka Shellfish mussels in the untouched waters of Boston Bay off the west coast of Spencer Gulf, South Australia. The cold clean waters of the Great Southern Ocean are home to the finest mussels in the world. We grow and harvest premium mussels to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and culinary quality.

Kinkawooka is recognised by the International Seafood Sustainability organisation as a Friend of the Sea, with its products audited onsite by independent international certification bodies against strict Friend of the Sea sustainability criteria.

We were also accredited under an independently-audited food safety scheme that ensures the safe growing, harvesting, handling and transport of our mussels.

And with our game-changing innovation in our SeaSure vacuum packaging, our mussels stay in their natural state from water to plate… staying fresher for longer.

Mussels on a pot with a glass of wine and a lemon on the table

Australia’s fresh superfoods

Not only is Australian seafood incredibly easy to cook and enjoy, but you’ll also discover one of nature’s ultimate superfoods. Pry open a mussel shell or put a barramundi on the barbie and you’ll find that Australian seafood is packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Adding Australian seafood to your diet can bring a whole host of unexpected health benefits. And being sustainably harvested and affordable to buy, feeling healthy has never been easier.

At EP Seafoods, our mussels are low in fat, high in flavour, certified organic and are naturally gluten free. We don’t add any preservatives or artificial flavours. And with only the finest mussels in every packet of our Eyre Peninsula Seafoods products, they are just too good to resist.

Other health benefits of our mussels include:

  • More protein and iron than a fillet of steak! You can get a protein fix for muscle development and you’ll feel fuller for longer.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – which are brilliant for improving brain function and reducing inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.
  • Vitamins A and B12 – which your skin, eyes and immune system will thank you for.
  • Zinc – to aid in building a strong immune system.
  • Iodine –  which is needed to regulate your thyroid hormones These hormones control the body’s metabolism.
  • Selenium – for healthy, glowing skin.
Mussel factory

State-of-the-art mussel factory

The Australian seafood industry is always leading the way with new innovations. From packaging to harvesting methods, every stage of the process impacts the quality and taste of the seafood.

At EP Seafoods, we’re no stranger to seeding innovation in every step that we take. Our new state-of-the-art mussel factory is the latest addition to our business, and we couldn’t be prouder of our visionary approach.

With an increase of seven times the floor space of our existing factory, we can produce more mussels and get them on supermarket and speciality seafood retailer shelves in a much quicker time.

Our new facility also positions EP Seafoods as the global leader in mussel farming and production, helping to grow the seafood industry in Australia and bring in new jobs and stability across the country.

Our factory carefully considers the challenges of the industry and demonstrates how we can overcome each and every hurdle. Our new state-of-the-art-factory has:

  • A wet holding facility where we can hold the mussels in sea water for days at a time, extending their fresh, live shelf life
  • A cooling system to chill the mussels before they go into the bag, which will extend their shelf life
  • A high pressure scrubber to scrub the outside of the shell to maintain a consistent quality all throughout the growing season.

Enjoy ocean fresh Australian mussels at your home

The next time you are at your local supermarket or specialty seafood retailer, look for our premium mussel brands – Kinkawooka Shellfish and Boston Bay Mussels – on the shelf.

When you purchase our premium brands you can enjoy your seafood knowing that the mussels you are eating are Aussie grown.