Boston Bay Mussel Hot Pot in Tomato Broth

They’re here and they’re fabulous. Mussels from the pristine waters off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, packed fresh using only the best ingredients and taste approved by the fussiest mussel eating experts in the country. Available as a single serve hot pot in a full flavoured tomato broth; all you need is three minutes, a microwave and a craving for Australia’s finest choice – organically and sustainably farmed ocean fresh mussels.
This is the best no guilt mid-week meal you can have.  Almost zero fat and packed full of protein, omega 3 and essential vitamins and minerals.  The flavours are next level. Pack a punch of your ocean protein today. 

Boston Bay Mussel Hot Pot Tom Yum

When you crave the mystic Thai flavours of hot, sweet and a hint of sour with a freshness that warms your body and soul you can’t go past one of our newest and most popular taste sensations. Our Boston Bay Mussel Tom Yum hot pot is inspired by the bustle and welcoming nature of its Thailand origins, masterfully crafted by a team of Thai cuisine experts and featuring the very best South Australian organically farmed mussels from the pristine waters of Boston Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. Prepared to the highest taste and quality standards, it only takes 3 minutes in the microwave and you’re off to the land of smiles right in your own home.

Boston Bay Mussel Hot Pot White Wine & Garlic

Steeped in the romance of Southern France, our Boston Bay Mussel Hot Pot with White Wine and Garlic is a seafood lover’s revelation. Delicately balanced with acidic overtones and the silky flavours of Australia’s most desired organically farmed mussels, this Boston Bay Mussel Hot Pot with White Wine and Garlic is a mid-week indulgence that everyone deserves. This convenient meal for one takes only a few minutes in the microwave and bon appétit.

Boston Bay Mussel Hot Pot Chowder

Rich, luscious and deliciously tempting, the fragrant combination of Boston Bay mussels infused in a creamy chowder is the perfect feast after a long day. Our chowder is made using time-honoured techniques from the North Americas using only the freshest organically grown vegetables, sweated for full flavour, and the finest locally grown herbs, seasoned just enough to harness the full spectrum of flavour from our organically farmed Boston Bay mussels. Pulled from the sparkling waters of the South Australian coast in the Eyre Peninsula, our Boston Bay mussels are leading the world in flavour, consistency and texture.

This is a quick and highly satisfying meal that you can enjoy all year round.

Great value

Mussels are the cheapest protein source you can buy. Our amazing new, convenient and highly nutritious 600 gram hot pot delicacy is only $10 a serve. $10 for a ready-made, deliciously full flavoured, restaurant quality meal. Grab a couple and keep in the fridge. Three minutes in the microwave, then serve with a slice of crusty bread – what a feast. No washing up, either!

Available from Woolworths in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia and selected speciality outlets.



Sustainable seafood

Mussels are the only farmed protein that positively impacts the environment. Farmed mussels require no land clearing and zero use of fertilisers or chemicals. Our mussels are organic and sustainably farmed, helping to clean our coastal waterways.  Mussels also lock away excess carbon forever.

Nature’s real little helpers.


Ultimate superfood

Mussels are nature’s true superfood. Boasting an impressive nutritional profile, mussels out muscle any other farmed protein.  With a higher digestible protein count than fillet steak, finned fish and poultry, mussels are loaded with omega 3 and bursting with vitamins A and B12, iron, selenium and zinc.

A whole lot of goodness and a whole lot of flavour.


Mouth-watering mussels

Grown in nutrient rich waters from upwellings in the Great Southern Ocean in the Eyre Peninsula, Boston Bay mussels are the sweetest tasting mussel on the market. Our chefs have combined the sweet mussel flavour with the perfect balance of tomato broth to bring you a dining experience that will have you salivating and leave you inspired to add more great mussel recipes to your weekly food planner.



Our premium products

Ocean fresh, certified organic and sustainably farmed, our Australian blue mussels are simply the best.

Boston Bay 500g Cooked Mussels

We grade, scrub and debeard our mussels, then cook them in their natural juices and spring water within an hour of harvest to guarantee that every mussel in every bag is full, sweet and delicious.

Boston Bay 1kg Ready to Cook

Boston Bay Mussels make the perfect choice to cook when feeding a crowd. They are simply the easiest, quickest and tastiest treat to serve up to your friends and family.

Boston Bay Mussel Stock

Boston Bay Mussels has developed a unique stock. Extracted from live mussels, minutes from harvesting, the Boston Bay mussel stock is smooth, rich and sweet – an ideal base to soups, chowders or sauces.

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