When choosing plump and juicy mussels, our latest harvest ticks all the boxes

Top view of raw mussels isolated on white background

When choosing plump and juicy mussels, dedicated cooks and awesome chefs always turn to EP Seafoods. Our mussels are grown in the stunning nutrient-rich waters off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia using traditional and natural growing techniques that have stood the test of time for generations.

Our farmers have been plying their craft for decades and as one of the oldest and most respected mussel farming families in Australia, we know what it takes to produce world-leading Australian mussels.

Our latest harvest showcases a bumper crop of mature mussels that look as good as they taste: big, plump and juicy.

The shells are smooth, with a glistening black hardness that makes them a joy to display in any dish. Inside the shell sits a parcel of mussel meat that oozes colour and texture when cooked the ‘Kinkawooka Way’.

When prepared the Kinkawooka Way, the mussel meat displays a delicious orange-red colour profile, contrasting against the deep metallic black of the shell. Like a work of art, this striking combination of colour and depth makes a statement when added to pasta, risotto, paella or simply presented in a large bowl on their own.

Big plate with frozen cooked whole shell mussels

Take advantage of the size, texture and flavour

With the Easter holidays upon us and the ANZAC Day long weekend just around the corner, now is a great time to get creative and experiment with your culinary craft.

Taking advantage of the size, texture and flavour of the latest mussel harvest from EP Seafoods, our mussels are a brilliant protein to work with for a host of entertaining ideas.

Their large size makes them the ideal hero.

They stand tall in the shell or can be removed after cooking and added to your favourite idea as an eye-catching addition. With a delicate texture and bursting with the flavour of the sea, they hit every marker.

Our mussels are visually spectacular for those who eat with their eyes, tenderly aromatic for those who love the way food smells and full of flavour for the discerning guest who savours each mouthful. When you want to create a dish that is a bit special, mussels are the go-to ingredient that your guests will remember.

Steamed mussels in white wine sauce with parsley and garlic

Explore a library of quick and stimulating ideas

EP Seafoods have an extensive library of quick and stimulating recipes that are sure to captivate any occasion.

Created by chefs for chefs and for the home cook, each recipe is easy to follow and uses only fresh, healthy ingredients.

Affordable, easy to prepare, guilt-free and packed full of nutrition, all our recipes can be prepared by the novice cook right up to the experienced culinarian.

Fresh mussels from the sea

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do

Mussels are the most sustainable protein source on the planet. Our mussels are traditionally grown in the pristine waters off the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.

As a fourth-generation farming family, we are acutely aware of leaving the ocean in better shape than we found it for the next generation to continue our legacy.

EP Seafoods have been, and continue to be, fierce advocates and protectors of the natural habitat of the ocean.

The role of mussels in the health of the ocean cannot be understated. More than the kidneys of the sea, mussel colonies actively support a broad range of seaborne creatures and play an exceptional role as a vital carbon sink for the welfare of the rest of the planet.

EP Seafoods employ the most natural and sustainable farming practices that ensure the longevity and sustainability of our mussel farms long into the future.

Steamed mussels on white plate

The Kinkawooka Way

Remember to prepare your mussels the Kinkawooka Way. Our chefs have created the ultimate preparation technique, enhancing the flavour, texture and nutritional composition of the world’s best protein superfood.

Grab a packet of our mussels today and get creative with our library of recipes.

Where to buy

You can find our mussels on supermarket shelves or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer both live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.