Guide to Choosing Mussels

Choosing the perfect mussel couldn’t be easier. You’ll always make the right choice with Eyre Peninsula Seafoods premium mussels products. Each of our premium mussel brands offers the same great tasting flavour you’ll love.

And you’ll only ever taste the finest mussels from the packet. We carefully inspect and grade every mussel to meet our highest standards of quality - condition, size and flavour.

Live pot-ready or cooked mussels

Cooked or live pot ready mussels

If you want to create a restaurant-quality meal in seconds, our cooked mussels are your go to. With only 60 seconds needed to reheat the mussels – you’ll spend more time entertaining your dinner guests than in the kitchen. They also make a great entree or snack – as you can eat them straight from the pack. And with a shelf-life of nine months you can always keep a packet handy in the fridge.

Our mussels are always fresh, thanks to our innovative SeaSure packaging. We lock in the ocean fresh flavour so you get the best tasting mussels… every time.

Our live pot ready mussels are perfect for steaming or cooking your own way. You simply can’t go past a mussel recipe that infuses herbs or chilli to create a delicious tasting meal. And all in under five minutes… they’ll quickly become a dinner time favourite.


Kinkawooka Shellfish packed Mussels

Simply grab and go

Our premium mussel products come in handy single serve pack sizes, giving you the delicious flavour of mussels, without any of the fuss of preparation.

We take care of all the mess for you – cleaning, scrubbing and debearding the mussels before they hit the chilled section of the supermarket.

Now you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meal.

Our pot ready mussels come in 500 gram pack, ideal for two people. Or our 1kg pack can easily feed a family of four, with approx 40-50 pieces per pack. And cooked mussels come in a 500 or 650 gram single serve with a shelf life of nine months. You won’t be stuck for dinner ideas if you keep them chilled in the fridge ready to go.

Find our mussels at your local supermarket

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Mussels in prov sauce

Enjoy mussels any time of year

We farm our mussels in the waters of Boston Bay. This stretch of pristine South Australian coastline is the perfect place to grow mussels all year round.

As the conditions of the water change, so too does the shell size. At the start of the season in June, our mussels are typically ‘petite’ with 45-55 pieces per kilo and a meat to shell ratio of nearly 50 per cent. As the harvest year continues, the mussels grow in size to 30-40 pieces per kilo by March.

But rest assured that no matter the size of the shell, the mussel to meat ratio remains high. And the flavour profile is always perfect.

Shell mussels in a frying pan

Learn how to cook mussels

Most people have only ever tasted mussels at a fancy restaurant or as a special treat… but once they realise how quick and easy cooking with mussels is, they don’t look back.

When you learn how to cook mussels, you can easily whip up a meal in minutes. Pick up a packet in your local supermarket, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try mussels sooner.




Ocean fresh, certified organic and sustainably farmed, our Australian blue mussels are simply the best.

Kinkawooka Shellfish 1kg Ready to cook Mussels

There’s no need to worry if you are cooking for a crowd with Kinkawooka’s 1kg Ready to Cook Mussels. You can feel proud serving up a pot of our ocean fresh mussels to your dinner guests.

Boston Bay 500g Cooked Mussels

We grade, scrub and debeard our mussels, then cook them in their natural juices and spring water within an hour of harvest to guarantee that every mussel in every bag is full, sweet and delicious.

Spencer Gulf Mussels 1kg Ready to Cook

No longer simply a treat you can only enjoy in a fancy restaurant – with our premium mussels you can bring the fine taste and supreme quality to your own dining table.

News & Articles

New season mussels – celebrate a winter seafood bounty

Eyre Peninsula Seafoods farm the highest quality Australian mussels on the market. Recognised by leading chefs, winning industry awards, favoured by purveyors of fine seafood and Australia’s leading supermarkets, winter is the perfect time to indulge your creativity with Australian fresh farmed new season mussels.

Why mussels are the perfect winter meal

Mussels are the perfect hot, hearty winter meal because of their convenience. Embrace the drop in temperature and enjoy mussels in soups, broths, laksas, curries, paellas and just about any other winter recipe.

Pairing the best wine with mussels

Here in Australia, we are lucky to have a bounty of top-quality and deliciously fresh seafood to feast on all year round. We’re also blessed to have some of the best wines in the world. And when the two come together, it’s truly magical.

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