Clancy’s Fish Pub x Kinkawooka Shellfish

Freshly cooked mussels on a pot

Famous for its classic fish and chips and legendary seafood platter, Clancy’s Fish Pub brings together families, food-lovers, beer snobs, wine experts and live music fans across its four pubs.

And with our Kinkawooka Shellfish premium mussels, combined with Clancy’s Fish Pub’s popular and delicious seafood dishes, customers are craving for more.

A lot of people at the party

Spectacular West Australian experiences

With 30 years of celebrated seafood dishes, Clancy’s Fish Pub is the perfect destination for friends and family to come together over a delicious plate and well-poured drink.

Diners absolutely love the vibe at Clancy’s Fish Pub… and with pubs located across Fremantle, Canning Bridge, City Beach and Dunsborough, it’s no surprise that the seafood platters and evenings of live music and entertainment keep customers keen for more.

Clancy’s Fish Pub is all about enjoying the spectacular West Australian coast. From the laidback lunches with fresh fish and chips to a glass of your favourite wine, this is the place to enjoy an authentic summer experience.

Mussels in a bowl with lemon and bread

A taste of summer

Ashley has been the executive chef at Clancy’s Fish Pub for the last three years but has also been with the restaurant for close to 15 years. For Ashley, mussels are the perfect choice for a taste of summer.

“I love visiting our pubs and collaborating with the team to see what new, exciting recipes we can bring to the table. And mussels are such a great dish to share. They’re perfect for bringing friends and family together,” he says.

“Our Kinkawooka chilli mussels are some of our most popular dishes, especially in Canning Bridge. In fact, our customers voted our chilli mussels as the best mussels you can enjoy in Perth. The Napolitana sauce is simply a match made in heaven.”

Across all of Clancy’s Fish Pubs you’ll find three different mussel options: chilli mussels, marinated mussels and curry mussels. Along with a seafood platter and a glass of your favourite wine, you’re bound to have an exquisite meal.

Clancy’s Fish Pub

A quality partnership

While our mussels are farmed off the west coast of Spencer Gulf in South Australia, they are right at home on Clancy’s Fish Pub menu. Ashley adds,

“The quality of the Kinkawooka mussels is always the same. The mussels are the right size – not too big or too small – and very easy to cook. Plus, the flavour is beautiful; it’s just awesome to cook with.”

And as more diners continue to fill the seats of Clancy’s pubs week after week, the dishes at Clancy’s Fish Pub certainly make it a cultural oasis in West Australia.

Enjoy our premium mussels

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we have three premium brands of mussels: Kinkawooka Shellfish  and Boston Bay Mussels. When you put our mussels on the menu, you are guaranteed a high quality ingredient that delivers on taste in every shell.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or view our list of wholesalers around Australia.