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Can I freeze mussels? Can I eat an unopened mussel? What is the best way to store mussels?

When it comes to mussels - we know you have questions. That’s why we have prepared our most commonly asked questions. If you still have a mussel question that needs answering...we are happy to help. Simply fill out the contact form below to get in touch.

Yes, mussels that do not open when heated can be eaten! This is an old wives’ tale, and with modern harvesting techniques, we can guarantee that every mussel in the packet will be 100% safe to eat, as long as they have been suitably stored below four degrees. Don’t throw away any that are unopened after cooking – prise open those little gems and enjoy!

Don’t worry, if you’re concerned about a mussel being off (or dead), the smell will be so overpowering you will be forced to evacuate your kitchen. Throw away any that don’t smell ocean fresh and sweet.

We pack our mussels on the day of harvest, with a 10-day shelf life. We do have a use by date sticker attached to the bottom left hand side of the packaging. If this is not evident, please return the mussels to where you purchased them, asking for a packet that does have a sticker.

The pot ready packaged mussels can keep for up to nine months, depending on the date of expiry on the packet. Once opened, the mussels need to be consumed within two days.

You don’t have to eat all the mussels when you open the bag, but we do advise that you use the mussels within two days of opening the packet. They will keep up until the use by date if still sealed, but once opened, they should be used within two days.

You can freeze cooked mussels, but we do not advise that you freeze a fresh, live mussel. You will find a huge loss in both texture and sweetness upon defrosting. If you do wish to freeze the mussels, cook them all up first and then freeze them.

Mussels are not only one of the easiest foods to cook, they are incredibly good for you. Rich in omega 3, iodine, zinc and selenium, they also contain more iron than fillet steak.

Female mussels are bright orange and the male mussels are creamy white. Both have a rich, sweet flavour.

Don’t overcook mussels. If you cook them for more than five minutes they’ll lose their soft texture. They really are a speedy dinner option!

Mussels are fantastic flavour carriers – they work well with garlic, onion, chilli, ginger, pepper, cumin, fennel, saffron and lemongrass. We have a range of mussel recipes to inspire your dinner creations!

Store chilled in the coolest part of your coolroom or refrigerator. For the absolute best results, don’t open the bag until you are ready to cook. Drain off the liquid in the bag and use the mussels straight away.

Mussels love beverages – they are terrific with beer, wine and even green tea.

We produce the finest quality Australian blue mussels all year round. You may notice that the size of the shell does change depending on the conditions of each season. Around June – July you’ll notice that the shell is smaller and in February – March they appear bigger.

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