Health benefits of steamed mussels

Steamed mussels in a pot

For a long time, the health benefits of eating steamed mussels have been considered secondary to their taste and versatility. Most food writers and critics focus their commentary on the palette and inventiveness that mussels have gifted the culinary world. Only recently have dietitians, nutritionists and fitness professionals been exploring the incredible health benefits of steamed mussels.

An underrated superfood, mussels are packed with a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our bodies need to sustain a healthy and fit life. Low in fat, mussels have fewer calories than any other meat protein and are very high in iron, boosting your mood, energy levels and even your complexion.

The simplest and healthiest way to prepare mussels is to steam them. Steaming mussels conserves the fibre, texture and flavour, whilst preserving the water-soluble A, B & C vitamins, phosphorus and zinc. The steaming process also retains much of the powerful qualities of selenium within the mussel. Selenium is an influential antioxidant that reduces the risk of some cancers whilst protecting against heart disease.

Cooking smoking Mussels on a pot

Steam cooking maintains the natural goodness of mussels

The heat from the steam gently circulates, uniformly cooking the mussel. The natural process maintains all the nutrients, taste profiles and freshness that make mussels such an amazing foodie experience.

Steaming your mussels doesn’t require any complicated cooking techniques – you can simply add a few herbs or spices directly into the pot.

Another lesser-known fact is cooking with steam softens the fibre within the mussel, making them easier to digest and break down, releasing all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. The moisture keeps the mussel lovely and tender, and zero cooking oil content makes for a much lighter, healthier meal.

seafood mussels in wine sauce and toasts

Authentic, delicious and environmentally sustainable

Steam cooking your mussels remains the most authentic way to experience mussels.

Ready in just a few minutes, you can eat them as they are or get creative, pairing the steamed mussels with a variety of styles: traditional cream or wine sauces, Asian influences, Mediterranean pastas or jaw-dropping paellas. Simply delicious.

The mussel is more than one of nature’s most prolific superfoods. Farming mussels is the most environmentally sustainable protein farming practice in the world. Natural growing conditions in the cold, fresh and deep waters of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia make the perfect habitat to grow and farm these little wonders. The natural tidal activity washes the farm with the very best nutrients for the mussels to feed on. One hundred percent organic, there are no fertilisers or land clearing required. Our farms create an incredible aquatic ecosystem where other sea species thrive and the mussels’ contribution to the health of the water is one of their greatest gifts.

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Where to buy

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