Kinkawooka shellfish 650g cooked mussels

Need a quick but nutritious meal for a lazy Friday night? Kinkawooka cooked mussels are your go-to. We cook our mussels in their natural juices and spring water within an hour of harvest to guarantee that every mussel in the bag is full, sweet and delicious.

Chilled and packed in convenient 650g single serve packs, you can eat our Cooked Australian Blue Mussels straight from the bag, heated with your favourite sauce or folded through pasta or rice to create a restaurant-quality meal in seconds.

True convenience

We know that life can get in the way of cooking healthy and nutritious meals. That’s why our premium mussels come to you ready to eat or reheat in a delicious sauce for a complete meal… within 60 seconds. It’s quicker to whip up a mussel dish than place an order for a pizza!

And you won’t have to go hunting around to find a packet of our cooked mussels. You can pick up a packet of our mussels in the chilled section of your local supermarket or specialty seafood store.

Sustainable seafood

Mussels are one of the most sustainable foods you can buy. That’s because they are natural filter-feeders… each mussel filters through 20 litres of seawater a day. Essentially, they clean the waters as they go, keeping the marine ecosystem balanced and in check. And with a plentiful supply of mussels all year round, mussels make a better seafood choice. One that won’t cost the earth.

Feed your family for under $15

Mussels are highly nutritious, sustainable and easy to cook. But they are also wallet friendly. Once considered only a special treat to enjoy in a white tablecloth restaurant, you can now find a packet of delicious mussels in your local supermarket. And you can easily feed a family of four for under $15 a meal.

Mouth-watering mussels

Enjoyed on their own or paired with a wide variety of flavours – from traditional cream or wine sauces, to Asian style dishes, to Mediterranean pastas, salads and paellas – mussels make a great go-to. Australian blue mussels are uniquely sweet, tender and creamy in texture.

Healthy fast food

Mussels aren’t just a tasty treat or a wholesome meal… every mussel contains an incredible amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and folate – mussels have them all! And they exceed the recommended daily intake of selenium, iodine and iron. A natural and clean source of protein – you’ll be doing your body a favour every time you serve up a pot of mussels for dinner. But their true value shines through in that they are one of the easiest seafoods you can cook. Simply grab a packet and steam up a pot of mussels in under five minutes – making them well and truly the ultimate fast food you can feel good about.

Our premium products

Ocean fresh, certified organic and sustainably farmed, our Australian blue mussels are simply the best.

Kinkawooka Shellfish 1kg Ready to Cook

There’s no need to worry if you are cooking for a crowd with Kinkawooka’s 1kg Ready to Cook Mussels.

Kinkawooka Shellfish Mussel Stock

Our mussel stock product comes in 7.5 litre frozen pouches. Extracted from live mussels, minutes after harvesting, the Kinkawooka mussel stock is smooth, rich and sweet – an ideal base to soups, chowders or sauces.

Kinkawooka Shellfish Commodity Mussels

We pack our commodity mussels directly from the harvest boat. Because we don’t grade, scrub, clean or de-beard the mussels they are keenly priced.

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