Pot ready live mussels that showcase the very best in Australian grown fresh seafood

Pack of Live pot ready Mussels

EP Seafoods’ range of pot-ready live mussels has dominated the kitchens of Australia’s finest restaurants for decades.

World-class chefs know the importance of sourcing the finest ingredients for their creations. When reputation means everything, the very best don’t leave anything to chance.

The mussel farming techniques of EP Seafoods ensure a water to plate process that delivers the freshest and highest quality live mussels, snap sealed and delivered directly to the kitchen without compromise.

Water to plate process that sets the benchmark in live mussel farming

Our water to plate farming practices lead the world in sustainability. Our farmers provide the very best and most natural growing environment for our mussels and let the mussels grow as they would in the wild. We don’t oversaturate, and through careful monitoring developed over generations of farming experience, we know exactly when it is time to harvest. When the mussels reach their optimum size of 65mm with a minimum 38% meat to shell ratio, we employ very simple and tender harvesting techniques that keep the live mussels safe, protected and free of unnecessary stress.

Harvesting with care

Our attention to detail and care for our mussels illustrate just how important we rate the harvesting process. It is our mission to deliver the very best pot-ready live mussels to the kitchens of Australia’s best restaurants and eateries.

We do this by keeping the touchpoints to a minimum. Once onboard our boats, the mussels are passed through a mechanical de-clumping tumbler where large, intertwined clumps are gently separated.

The live mussels are then covered with ice and given an extra dose of seawater until the boats reach land.

EP Seafoods' processing and packaging facility

We’ve invested heavily to ensure our processing and packaging facility meets the highest standards, providing the very best environment for our staff and the mussel harvest. When the mussels arrive at our purpose-built processing plant, they receive the royal treatment. Each mussel is scrubbed, debearded and then passed through a second cleaning wash. Using a combination of automated and hand grading techniques, any mussel not 100% to standard is removed and discarded, leaving only the very best.

Our specialised SeaSure packaging offers Australia’s most advanced live mussel packaging system. Each package receives a dose of oxygen-saturated seawater, recreating the natural conditions the mussel is accustomed to. The packs are then vacuum sealed, maintaining a stress-free protected environment lasting for 10 days. Minimising stress is the key to maintaining the maximum quality, flavour and texture of our pot-ready live mussels.

Freshness that you can taste

It is our harvesting processes that give Australia’s leading chefs and restaurants confidence in EP Seafoods mussels. Taking the time to let the mussels grow naturally, and then processing and packaging them with the most specialised cleaning, grading and packaging techniques creates the freshest mussels that translate to every dish.

We want our customers to taste our mussels just as nature intended: fresh, juicy, tender and sweet.

Woman cooking mussels pasta spaghetti at home in the kitchen

For the home cook

Whether you are a chef wanting to inspire your seafood creations with pot-ready live mussels, or a home cook looking for hot pot ready to serve mussel options, everything we do is geared to providing the most delicious, sustainable and best quality mussels on the Australian market.

At EP Seafoods, mussels are our life. We take great pride in knowing our mussels inspire chefs to keep creating and home cooks to keep experimenting.

Steamed mussels in white wine sauce with parsley and garlic

Explore a library of quick and stimulating ideas

EP Seafoods have an extensive library of quick and stimulating recipes that are sure to captivate on any occasion.

Created by chefs for chefs and for the home cook, each recipe is easy to follow and uses only fresh, healthy ingredients.

The Kinkawooka Way

Remember to prepare your mussels the Kinkawooka Way. Our chefs have created the ultimate preparation technique, enhancing the flavour, texture and nutritional composition of the world’s best protein superfood.

Grab a packet of our mussels today and get creative with our library of recipes.

Where to buy

You can find our mussels on supermarket shelves or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer both live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.