LoLuk Bistro x Kinkawooka Shellfish

Francais word in a glass door of a restaurant

On Thursday nights in Sydney’s Surry Hills, LoLuk Bistro is the place to be. It’s the busiest night of the week as hungry Sydney-siders sit down for a night of all you can eat Moules Frites, or mussels and chips.

Our Kinkawooka Shellfish premium mussels, combined with the traditional French flavours served up at LoLuk Bistro, are a match made in heaven.

Authentic Southern French cuisine

When French brothers Loïc and Luc visited Australia, they fell in love with the country. They ultimately made the decision to stay, but they were really missing a part of France.

Armed with their grandmother’s recipes, they opened LoLuk Bistro to bring a little bit of France to their new home.

LoLuk Bistro isn’t just French food. The staff are all French, so you are always greeted by a friendly ‘Bonjour’. From the quaint decor to the atmosphere, eating at LoLuk is an authentic experience of Provence. This is the place where French expats go to get a taste of home.

Shellfish Mussels Clams in black cooking dish pan and French Fries

Moules Frites

Marion has been the restaurant manager at LoLuk Bistro since late 2019. For Marion, mussels are a taste of summer.

“In France, mussels are something we eat a lot of in the warmer months,” she explains. “Moules Frites is what our summer holidays are made of.

Mussels are a great dish to share. Coming to LoLuk and sharing pots of mussels with your family or friends brings everyone together. You can each choose a different flavour so you can all sample each variety.”

On the Moules Frites menu at LoLuk you’ll find three different options: traditional mariniere, tomato and blue cheese. Choose one, and along with chips, it’s all you can eat.

Tables and chairs outside the restaurant

A quality partnership

While our mussels are farmed off the west coast of Spencer Gulf in South Australia, they are right at home on the LoLuk Bistro menu. It all comes down to the premium quality of our product. As Marion explains:

“Every Thursday night we serve up 140kg of Kinkawooka Shellfish mussels, and the quality is always the same. We’ve never had any concerns about that. The mussels are the right size – not too big or too small – and very easy to cook.”

And the crowds of diners who continue to fill the seats of the bistro week after week are certainly testament to the high quality produce brought to life with the signature LoLuk Provençal flair.

Put our premium mussels on the menu

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we have three premium brands of mussels: Kinkawooka Shellfish and Boston Bay Mussels. When you put our mussels on the menu, you are guaranteed a high quality ingredient that delivers on taste in every shell.

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