Mussel cooking techniques for the tastiest of mussels

Mussels are always a dinner winner. They are easy to prepare, take only five minutes to cook, and they are friendly on your wallet. Not to mention, they are absolutely delicious.

Mussel cooking isn’t something that you should be intimidated by. In fact, mussels couldn’t be easier to prepare and cook – especially when you use our premium pot-ready mussels.

Steamed mussels in white wine sauce

Steamed mussels

Steaming is the most common method of cooking mussels. It’s a quick and simple way to get a delicious meal on the table.

The steam during the cooking process is actually what opens the mussel shell. Do remember that even if a shell doesn’t open, it’s still good to eat – just prise it open with a knife.

Be careful not to boil mussels by covering them completely with liquid. All you need is a small amount of broth or liquid, along with some other flavours such as garlic, herbs, onion, tomato or cream. Bring that to a boil, add your prepared mussels, pop the lid on and then wait for five minutes.

It’s important with this mussel cooking method that you don’t overcook them or you will lose that soft texture that makes mussels so delicious.

Baked mussels with cheese

Baked mussels

If you want baked mussels, you actually need to steam them first. When the mussels are steamed you can discard the empty half shell, top the mussels with whatever flavours you have chosen and then bake until the topping is crispy or cooked through.

Like with steamed mussels, be sure that you don’t overcook the mussels or they will become chewy.

If you already eat a lot of mussels, this is a different mussel cooking technique to try out. It’s a great option for winter or for a heartier dinner dish. Baked mussels also make a good canape. There is a bit more involved with preparing baked mussels, but the result is worth it!

Mussels on the grill for cooking on the fire

Grilled mussels

Barbecued seafood is about as Aussie summer as you can get. But have you ever thrown a mussel on the barbie?

Grilled mussels are simple and tasty. The result is a different flavour and texture to steamed mussels, but they are equally delicious.

To grill mussels, place them directly on the barbecue grill plate. It will take 5-10 minutes to cook them. As they open, you can remove them from the grill. The shells will be hot, so use tongs.

Grilled mussels can be eaten freshly cooked as is, or you could drizzle them with some garlic butter sauce or chopped fresh herbs.

Mussels on the pan

Smoked mussels

You can also use the barbecue to cook smoked mussels. You’ll need some wood chips and either a smoker or a disposable aluminium pan with holes poked in it.

Smoking relies on heating the wood chips until smoking point and then enclosing them next to the mussels so the mussels take on the smoky flavour.

You can smoke the mussels in a buttery sauce or smoke them au naturel.

Top View Stuffed Mussels

Cold mussels

When you don’t want to cook at all, cold mussels are just as delicious. You can now buy pre-cooked mussels, like our Kinkawooka Shellfish Cooked Mussels.

These mussels are cooked and packaged in our SeaSure packaging within an hour of harvest. Each bag has a nine month fridge shelf life, so you can keep a packet on hand for when a mussel craving hits.

Cold mussels can be served with a simple salsa, a light mayonnaise or a basil pesto.

Plate of mussels in seafood sauce in the foreground with coriander on wood

General mussel cooking tips

You can’t go wrong with mussels. They make an affordable dinner that you can whip up in minutes.

No matter which mussel cooking technique you choose, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • When mussels are cooked to perfection, they are soft and sweet. Overcooked mussels shrink and become chewy to eat. Avoid overcooking by keeping a close eye on the mussels while they are cooking. It should only take five minutes to cook mussels completely.
  • Mussels need to be live when they are cooked. If you open a packet and any mussels have already opened, give them a gentle tap on the kitchen bench. If they close, they are good to cook. If not, you should discard them.
  • Mussels love flavour, so don’t hold back!

Use the finest quality mussels

Your mussel recipes will always taste their best when you start with the finest quality mussels. Our premium brands – Kinkawooka Shellfish and Boston Bay Mussels – are available in the chilled section of your local supermarket or speciality seafood retailer.

Our mussels come cleaned, scrubbed and debearded to save you time in the kitchen. No mess, no fuss, just great tasting mussels. Pick up a pack and take your mussel cooking to the next level.