New state-of-the-art mussel factory for EP Seafoods

At EP Seafoods, we look to innovate in everything we do. From our SeaSure packaging to our harvesting methods, we seed innovation at every stage of the process.

And now we can add our state-of-the-art factory to our list of innovations. With an increase of seven times the floor space of our existing factory, we can produce more mussels and get them on supermarket and speciality seafood retailer shelves in a much quicker time.

Mussel factory

A visionary approach

One Friday afternoon, Andrew Puglisi and Mark Andrews – both leaders in the mussel industry in their own right – caught up for a coffee. Mark shared his plan for a new mussel factory to take production of South Australian mussels to the next level. The pair realised they shared a visionary approach for producing premium mussels and quickly formed a partnership.

Mark had already purchased the land, so the pair set about planning the facility, a process 2.5 years in the making. The result is a facility that positions EP Seafoods as the global leader in mussel farming and production. As Mark explains:

“This new facility will take us into the 21st century where we will be able to supply a premium product year round, which will rival or exceed any production in the world today.”

Woman working at the mussels factory

Enhanced production

With the combined knowledge of the EP Seafoods team, we knew what we needed in our new facility to enhance our production and deliver an even more premium mussel product.

We carefully considered the challenges of the industry and how we could design the factory to address and overcome each and every hurdle.

Our new state-of-the-art-factory has:

  • A wet holding facility where we can hold the mussels in sea water for days at a time, extending their fresh, live shelf life
  • A cooling system to chill the mussels before they go into the bag, which will extend their shelf life
  • A high pressure scrubber to scrub the outside of the shell to maintain a consistent quality all throughout the growing season.


Our new factory increases our throughput by 150%. While we could previously only produce 1 tonne of mussels per hour, this has now increased to 2.5 tonne per hour.

Our new factory also helps to ease challenges in getting freight out of Port Lincoln, helping us to meet the increasing demands for fresh mussels.

Mussel factory

Discover the difference of Eyre Peninsula Seafoods Mussels

Our mussels – Boston Bay Mussels and Kinkawooka Shellfish – have always been the best. Our new factory only serves to cement our position as Australia’s premium mussel producer.

For us, this is only the beginning of the journey. Innovation and striving for excellence are in our blood. We will continue to find new and better ways to bring you the quality soft, small and sweet mussels you know and love.

Pick up a packet of our premium mussels at your local supermarket or specialty seafood retailer. Or visit our wholesale page to learn more about adding mussels to the menu at your establishment.