Now is a great time to enjoy the mussel season ~ sweeter flavour and a creamy texture

Fresh Mussels from the sea placed in a bowl

It is the traditional mussel season for EP Seafoods. In June and July, EP Seafoods begin their new season when Australian blue mussels prepare themselves to spawn and produce some of the best-eating mussels of the year.

As it gets colder – and this winter is shaping as a particularly cold one – the common thought is to move toward the conventional red meats and thick soups for our midweek meals. And as seafood tends to get a little more expensive and less desirable in the colder months, many consumers are missing out on one of the best sources of healthy protein at its premium.

Location does matter for growing the best mussels

In real estate parlance, you learn from a young age that location matters. It is the same for farming, whether it be agricultural or aquaculture. EP Seafoods mussel farms are strategically located on the Eyre Peninsula off South Australia. The waters here are alive with the very best nutrient profile for our mussels to feed on. The cooler waters, tidal flows and water quality provide the ideal environment for mussels to grow, breed and thrive. Additionally, the EP Seafoods farms are in proximity to tuna and kingfish farming sites.

This gives our mussels a higher concentration of sea-based nutrients to feed off, having a significant impact on flavour. It is the location of our farms that makes all the difference to the quality, nutritional profile and most importantly the flavour of our new season mussels.

Our farming practices have been handed down over generations

For almost two decades our farming techniques have focused on sustainable and natural farming practices; in many ways, we are ahead of our time. As a family business, we have ingrained the sustainability and environmental care necessary for healthy aquaculture in each new generation, with a dedication to leaving the farms in better shape than we inherited them.

This holds true today and the team instils sustainable and natural farming methodologies into every aspect of the farm’s operations. The teaching of our predecessors must have been right as each generation has inherited a more sustainable, healthy and prosperous farm than the last.

Keeping the process simple is a large part of the farming success. Over generations, we have collected the wild spat and juvenile mussels from large brood stock mussel beds that are naturally occurring within the growing region. We carefully graft the young mussels onto the growing lines, replicating a natural environment for them to mature within an orthodox lifecycle. This process ensures the mussels grow and mature as nature intended. The benefits of growing in a region adjacent to the Great Australian Bight and large upwellings on the continental shelf contribute to the uniquely smaller size and sweeter  flavour that distinguish our mussels from those grown on the east and west coasts of Australia.

Innovating ways for all Australians to enjoy the new season of Australian grown mussels

Although tradition runs deep in our family business, EP Seafoods continue to pioneer new ways for all Australians to enjoy the bounty of the world’s best mussels. Our website is packed with easy and highly nutritious recipes prepared by our in-house chef and our chief mussel taster.

We aim to keep the cost of our mussels as competitive as possible, ensuring that mussels can become a staple in households around the country.

And now EP Seafoods have designed and packaged a range of mussel hot pot meals. They are prepared in four classic flavours: mussels in tomato broth, mussel seafood chowder, mussel tom yum and mussels in white and garlic. These easy-prepared meals take a few minutes in the microwave. Eaten as they are or tossed through a pasta, the mussel hot pot range uses only the very best sustainably farmed blue mussels from the Eyre Peninsula and the highest quality ingredients. Ready in 3 minutes, they can be stored in the fridge and cost around $10 a serve.

Try one today and we’re confident you will add mussels to your weekly dinner planner.

The Hot Pot Mussels in tomato broth is available now in selected Woolworths stores around Australia.

Steamed mussels in white wine sauce with parsley and garlic

For more mussel ideas, explore a library of quick and stimulating ideas

EP Seafoods have an extensive library of quick and stimulating recipes that are sure to captivate any occasion. Created by chefs for chefs and for the home cook each recipe is easy to follow and only uses fresh healthy ingredients.

The Kinkawooka Way

Remember to prepare your mussels the Kinkawooka Way. Our chefs have created the ultimate preparation technique, enhancing the flavour, texture and nutritional composition of the world’s best protein superfood.

Grab a packet of our mussels today and get creative with our library of recipes.

Where to buy

You can find our mussels on supermarket shelves or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer both live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.