Eating mussels for the family meal became a habit that we all enjoyed

It is great to be out and free to move around again; however, our little family had developed a few really positive routines during the lockdown periods.

One, in particular, was cooking together and secondly, making a set time to exercise together.

As these two routines developed, my husband and I became a tad embarrassed realising how little we did of this prior to Covid-19 lockdowns. Living together 24/7 does open opportunities that under normal living conditions aren’t available.

We made a habit of using the middle of the day as a time to close the school books, turn off computers, phones and tablets and get outside for an hour to take a long walk and have a bit of playtime. It didn’t matter if it was freezing cold, raining or warm, it was time together that we all looked forward to.

The same applied at 5:30pm. No matter what was going on, we called time on all work, including homework. It was time to get into the kitchen as a family and cook a meal together.

I found this cooking time really enlightening. Our kids asked lots of questions about the food we ate: where it came from, why it was good or not so good, how to cook certain vegetables and meats, and what could be done with fresh fruit.

As the weeks rolled into months and our cooking skills improved, we began experimenting with foods that we hadn’t used before. One of those foods that became a big hit was mussels.

My husband loved the EP Seafoods recipes and the information videos on how to prepare and cook mussels. I loved the fact that we could combine mussels with such a variety of ingredients, and to our delight, our kids actually loved them.

I had avoided mussels in the past because I didn’t think the children would eat them. How wrong I was. Asian, Italian and European recipes using mussels became a weekly family favourite.

Blonde woman smelling the newly cooked mussels

Great value for money and so easy to prepare

When we started using mussels it became apparent what great value for money they are. We were feeding all of us for around $25 for a family meal. Compared to other meats like chicken, steak and fish, we found mussels to be very affordable and fitted into our weekly food budget nicely. The other advantage was just how quick and easy mussels are to cook. We followed the information on your website, steaming the mussels and then adding a sauce or pasta or rice – and we found it took no time at all.

The kids would experiment with a sauce, and the opportunity to teach them basic kitchen skills with boiling water, steaming rice and adding vegetables and herbs was great fun.

When I looked into the health benefits of mussels it was a real light bulb moment. I had no idea just how healthy mussels are. All the essential vitamins and minerals with so few calories. Mussels are amazing.

Child eating steamed mussels with french fries in outdoor restaurant

Mussels have continued as a part of our family routine

Now that we are both back at work and the children are back at school, we really miss our daily playtime and especially our time cooking together.

We did notice on your website the new range of prepared mussel Hot Pot meals that EP Seafoods has created. I just wanted to let you guys know that this is a great idea. The range looks perfect, and we’ve never tried mussels in a seafood chowder. As soon as this one is on the shelves we’ll give it a go. In the meantime, we have tried the mussels in a tomato broth.

It has great flavour and gives us the opportunity to keep cooking with the kids. They get to chop up herbs and boil a pot of pasta that we toss the mussels through. Same great taste and value.

We are looking forward to the range of the new mussel hot pots being available. And a big thank you for your recipes and videos. You have opened our kitchen to mussels, and we are better for it.

Louise Williams – Carnegie, Melbourne.

Available at Woolworths from June 2022

EP Seafoods is very pleased to announce the release of our preprepared mussel hot pot range.

They’re here and they’re fabulous. Mussels from the pristine waters of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, packed fresh using only the best ingredients and taste approved by the fussiest mussel eating experts in the country.

Available as a single serve hot pot in a full flavoured tomato broth; all you need is three minutes, a microwave and a craving for Australia’s finest choice – organically and sustainably farmed ocean fresh mussels.

This is the best no guilt mid-week meal you can have.  Almost zero fat and packed full of protein, omega 3 and essential vitamins and minerals.  The flavours are next level. Pack a punch of your ocean protein today.

Available at Woolworth stores across Australia from June 2022

Fresh mussels steamed

The Kinkawooka Way

Remember to prepare your mussels the Kinkawooka Way. Our chefs have created the ultimate preparation technique, enhancing the flavour, texture and nutritional composition of the world’s best protein superfood.

Grab a packet of our mussels today and get creative with our library of recipes.

Where to buy

You can find our mussels on supermarket shelves or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer both live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.