New season mussels - celebrate a winter seafood bounty

Cooked Mussels in a pan

In the depths of winter, we search for something new – a dining idea that is quick, healthy and tasty. We know you want variety, a food that stimulates the soul and livens the dreary evenings.

Slow cooked meats with potatoes, carrots and gravy, or hearty stews and soups are traditional dinner staples that we often turn to through the cooler months.  But we’ve got the perfect alternative to add to your meal repertoire, and they’re just as hearty and nutritious.

Mussels are the perfect winter warmer, guaranteed to get the family excited, back around the table and keen to share the highlights of their day.  Winter is also the time to enjoy new season mussels – soft, sweet and delicious.

It is the time of year to celebrate an Australian seafood bounty and indulge your creativity; the time of year for creating mouth watering culinary delights with Australia’s best mussels. New season mussels are quick and easy to prepare, three to four minutes and they’re done. Great value for money and fits into almost everyone’s favourite foodie style. From spicy Asian combinations to laid back Italian comfort food recipes, adding new season Australian mussels to your weekly dinner planner puts you back on the list of the world’s best cooks.

Mussel grader machine

Winter is an ideal time for mussel harvest, especially in the colder pristine waters off the coast of South Australia.

Conditions here are perfect; the nutrient rich waters produce younger, smaller mussels with a sweeter flavour and a softer, buttery style texture.

The shell is smaller, creating a greater meat to shell ratio and more mussels in the bag. You can expect 40-50 mussels per kilo, each mussel packed full of flavour, protein and vitamins.

Man cooking mussels in a large pan

Sustainability, a pillar of Eyre Peninsula Seafoods

Mussels are one of nature’s most prolific superfoods, boasting more protein than fillet steak and loaded with calcium, iron, omega 3, vitamins A & B12, selenium and zinc. They are as healthy for you as they are for the ocean.

Mussels are a critical species in the ocean’s ecosystem and at Eyre Peninsula Seafoods we are committed to farming organic certified produce and maintaining healthy stocks with minimal environmental impact. Our farming practices lead the world in sustainable mussel farming techniques.

From our zero tolerance of non-biodegradable materials to farming an alternative protein source that helps keep our oceans clean, Eyre Peninsula mussel farms shoulder our environmental responsibilities with passion, intelligence and an unrelenting commitment to the natural world.

Group of Mussel on a rope under the sea

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with new food ideas

From spicy body warming Asian laksas to Spanish inspired paellas or squisito Italian, the versatility of our Kinkawooka and Boston Bay mussels is unmatched. All the messy bits are already done. We’ve cleaned, scrubbed and debearded your mussels, all you need to do is steam and blend in your favourite ingredients.

Pot ready or cooked, the options are only limited by your imagination. Coming in from the cold, follow one of our many recipe ideas for a quick, taste sensation that will please even the fussiest of eaters.

Where to buy

You can find our range of delicious, sustainable and organic certified new season mussels at your local supermarket or specialty seafood retailer.

From farm to plate, our new season mussels will beat the winter blues, give you a vitamin boost to help ward off the winter ills and add some magic to your weekly winter meal plan.

For those super busy winter nights, why not try our new mussel hot pot in tomato broth for a quick, convenient and highly nutritious meal. Celebrate our new season mussels, available now.