Simple, healthy, home cooked meals

Father and daughter cooking at home

You just can’t go past a simple, healthy, home cooked meal. It is one of the truly great pleasures of life – unpretentious, yet so much more than just something to eat. The process itself is an invitation; it welcomes, it massages the soul and clears the mind. Next to exercise it is one of the best routines you can get into for your physical and mental health, not to mention the health of your finances.

Eyre Peninsula Seafoods believes that food brings people together. Maybe because we are fourth generation farmers, maybe because we love to cook and create new food tastes and ideas, or maybe it’s because our entire team is just like one big family. Whatever the influence, food has that very special uniting quality, one that lingers long after the plate is empty.

Mother and daughter eating a delicious meal at the restaurant

More than just a healthy meal

A home cooked meal is a wonderful way to bring the family together – even the moody ones will come to the table. If you live alone, creating a meal for yourself is even more important. And when we can, inviting friends or extended family creates a high functioning social network, beneficial to lifting our moods and staying connected to our community.

When cooking at home, you are in control of the ingredients you eat. There is no need to get elaborate and follow complicated recipes that often leave you disappointed.

Choosing fresh ingredients from your green grocer or supermarket is part of the process, and simple fresh dishes often taste the best. Shopping for your food is a learning tool for understanding what you eat and monitoring the food’s effects on your wellbeing. It enables you to learn what is in season and when, how prices and volumes fluctuate, when to buy and how much to buy. The process becomes wonderfully interesting and very addictive.

Choosing ingredients that are as close as possible to the way nature intended is a fundamental pillar of healthy eating. Reducing the amount of processed foods and replacing them with a good amount of vegetables and healthy protein sources, such as organically farmed ocean mussels, is essential to your diet. You won’t get this level of nutrition from take away food options, which are typically high in unnecessary calories and fat, salt, sugar, hormones and chemical additives. They also market volume, offering very large servings that encourage you to eat more than is necessary, leading to bloating and feeling lethargic and irritable.
Cooking at home provides a level of nutritional, social, educational and connected richness that you just cannot replicate in any other setting. Sharing home cooked food with loved ones, cooking in tandem with friends and family members, exploring new food options and experimenting with ingredients and flavours is not a chore but a mental and physical stimulant. In most cases it takes less time to prepare a home meal than it does to go to a restaurant or wait for a food delivery.

Senior couple happily preparing their food

Physical, emotional, social and financial health

Cooking at home improves your physical, emotional and social health. The more food choices you make, the more in tune you become with ingredients and how the ingredients interact and support you physically. The time spent on a creative task, creating something others enjoy, is emotionally uplifting and empowering. It is time out, time away from your screen, and an opportunity to de-stress and calm your nervous system. Cooking with your family, housemate or friends is socially invigorating.

It is quality time, working together, learning from each other, passing on tips, sharing ideas and sharing a delicious meal. It brings people together, connects common interests and stimulates conversation. Cooking at home is one of the best ways to help balance your budget. You will become a savvy shopper; you’ll learn to shop for what you need, rather than what you want. You will identify foods that cover off the physical, emotional and social pillars whilst not breaking the bank. You will discover the joy in leftovers and making enough for tomorrow’s lunch. Small financial wins lead to big financial gains.

You will feel better on all levels. Feeling physically healthier, emotionally balanced, socially connected and financially controlled. All this from taking the steps to begin cooking healthy meals at home. Gaining the skills and teaching these skills to your children is a gift that forever rewards.

Get started today with Eyre Peninsula mussels. The mussel is one of the easiest and the healthiest forms of meat protein to cook with. Full of flavour and packed with nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals. An excellent base for which to experiment with other healthy ingredients and spices. Socially, they are a foodie’s dream, and financially, they are the cheapest meat protein you can buy.

EPSeafoods has a large number of winter mussel recipes and videos, making cooking and preparing mussels even easier.

Where to buy

You can find our mussels on supermarket shelves or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer both live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.