Sustainable mussels - the healthier meat alternative

Fresh mussels placed on white background

There are alarming papers and statistics floating around about global food consumption and the viability of many sources of meat protein. Some of the world’s leading authorities suggest that sustainable animal protein is going to be the biggest and one of the more complex challenges the world will face as the population continues to grow and age.

Sustainable mussels are the healthier meat alternative.

We continue to experience shifting attitudes in our relationship with food, what we consume, how we consume and the ripple effects of our food choices.

Mass media and social media influence many people’s decisions, and while some of this provides accurate, data based content that is impartial and informative, naturally there is a percentage that is sensationalist and motivated by personal, social or corporate agendas. Either way, the topic of food, in particular animal meat protein, can be an emotionally charged conversation.

As these conversations intensify, the spotlight on sustainably farmed mussels as a viable, organic and very healthy alternative to traditional sources of animal protein has shone brighter – and for very good reasons.

Freshly farmed Mussles

Mussels are the ultimate sustainable protein

Mussels are a superfood for human consumption and also one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly protein sources on the planet.

Unlike many farmed animals, farming mussels actually contributes to the health of our oceans. Sustainably farmed mussels, such as the brands offered by EP Seafoods – Kinkawooka and Boston Bay  – filter up to 20 litres of seawater per day, thriving on the high concentrations of sea based nutrients.

Mussel farming does not require land clearing, trawling or the use of fertilisers. The practice not only outweighs the impact of land based animal agriculture and large-scale fishing, it also has less environmental impact than growing vegetables.

With an exponential growth in the middle class of two of the world’s most populous nations, China and India, mussels as an alternative protein source can help resolve many global food issues. Mussels are one of the cheapest forms of meat protein and considered a world leading natural super food. Organic, sustainable and inexpensive, the health benefits of adding mussels to your diet are considerable.

Superfood word

Mussels are nature’s superfood

Mussels boast amazing health benefits, with a very impressive nutritional profile. The average mussel has five times the amount of vitamin B12 in beef and almost eight times the amount of iron in chicken. They are extremely high in omega 3, selenium, iodine, calcium, vitamins A & C and all the essential amino acids.

Mussels contain more protein than finned fish and, because the protein is easier to digest, your body gets the maximum benefits.

Protein plays a critical role in our bodies’ wellbeing, building muscles, repairing injury, strengthening bone and boosting our immune systems. The omega 3 fatty acids found in mussels are essential for heart health, lowering blood pressure and helping keep our blood vessels working at their best.

When controlling weight or losing weight, mussels are an excellent source of all the good vitamins, minerals and protein – without the calories. Steaming mussels and adding selective ingredients will make a big difference to your diet – and they taste incredible.

“The health perks that a single mussel holds are massive. They have been found to improve heart health and lower cholesterol levels, and they are the cheapest complete protein on the market,” says Andrew Puglisi, fourth generation mussel farmer and CEO of Eyre Peninsula Seafoods.

Mussels are an ideal protein source for people at all life stages – highly nutritious, very tasty, versatile and affordable. When you care about your health and the welfare and sustainability of our oceans, then mussels should be on your shopping list.

EPSeafoods has a large number of winter mussel recipes and videos, making cooking and preparing mussels even easier.

Where to buy

You can find our mussels on supermarket shelves or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer both live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.