Winter mussel recipes

Warm, steaming and hearty. Comfort food at its best. Our winter mussel recipes are sure to add some warmth to the coldest winter evening.

Kinkawooka Mussels with Miso Butter

Miso butter and breadcrumbs with Australia’s tastiest mussels. Simply amazing.  Grab a bag of South Australian Kinkawooka  mussels and dive into this Asian delicacy today.



Thai Red Curry with Kinkawooka Mussels

Savour the rich delicate flavours of Thailand with this unique take on a traditional Thai red curry dish, featuring our Kinkawooka mussels.


Mussels with Pale Ale and Thyme

Mussels, ale and thyme… a winning combo! Transport yourself to the tastes and aromas of a Belgium beer garden with this light but moorish Belgium-style feast.


Curry Laksa Mussels recipe

Transport yourself to South-East Asia (and SA’s Eyre Peninsula) with our curry laksa mussels winter warmer. A party of flavours, with ingredients that entice every sense.


Mussels with Garlic and Breadcrumbs

Our simple, tasty mussels with garlic and breadcrumbs is fantastic as an entree to impress your guests or as a standalone main course with a lovely toss of salad.


Hot and Spicy Chilli Mussels

If you are looking to add some heat and spice to your cooking life and add warmth to winter – look no further than our delicious hot and spicy chilli mussels recipe.


Steamed Mussels with Tomato and Chorizo

This Portuguese inspired steamed mussel recipe is sure to leave your dinner guests raving for months to come.


Thai Mussels with Sweet Potato

Spicy, fragrant and full of flavour Thai mussels with sweet potato will have you licking your lips from the get-go.


News & Articles

Eating mussels for the family meal became a habit that we all enjoyed

Busy? Aren’t we all! Since we came out of a lockdown it can feel like the days are moving faster and we have less time to do those things that are important to our health. Whilst the lockdowns were hard, we found we had more time and more reason to make time for our own wellbeing and that of our two children. Mussels for the family meal became the norm.

Black mussels and blue mussels are found on the menus of leading restaurants

Black mussels dominate the menus of the world’s leading restaurants. Native to the waters of Southern Africa, the Arctic Ocean, the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans the similarity of black mussels to blue mussels grown in the Southern Ocean of mainland Australia is beginning to gain a great deal of attention with many Australian chefs.

Eating mussels as part of your weekly routine is a very healthy choice

Europeans and New Zealanders have been feasting on mussels for centuries. Our New Zealand cousins lead the world in both consumption and export of mussels, having adopted traditional European culinary habits of eating mussels as a staple rather than a delicacy.

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