Boston Bay Mussels had humble beginnings in the most pristine waters on the planet, in the Eyre Peninsula’s Boston Bay. It is an ideal location where mussels naturally take advantage of the nutrient rich waters from upwellings in the Great Southern Ocean, delivering a beautiful sweet mussel.

Ocean fresh mussels all year round

At the start of the season in June, our mussels are typically ‘petite’ with 60-70 pieces per kilo and a meat to shell ratio of nearly 50 per cent. As the harvest year continues, the mussels grow in size to 30-35 pieces per kilo by March.

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we make sure that the mussel meat to shell ratio remains high throughout the season, and importantly that we always deliver an excellent eating mussel.


45-55 pcs per kg

40-50pcs per kg

35-45 pcs per kg

30-40pcs per kg


Grown in the pristine waters of Boston Bay

Boston Bay Mussels Founder Mark Andrews started harvesting mussels in the region in 2005. As an experienced mussel farmer from New Zealand, Mark knew the most important element for growing quality mussels was access to good water.

After an exhaustive search for different locations to harvest mussels across the globe, Mark found the pristine waters off Boston Bay in South Australia – the perfect place to harvest mussels.

He brought in a team of mussel farmers from New Zealand and introduced successful long line techniques that helped to improve the quality of mussels produced.

And it didn’t take long before people around the region, the country and the globe came to love the unique taste and flavour of Boston Bay mussels.

Good value, great taste

Our mussels are sure to be a crowd pleaser with family and friends. A pot of steamed mussels infused in your favourite herbs or a creamy white sauce will have your dinner guests raving for months to come.

And the best part is you don’t have to break the bank – you can easily feed a family of four for under $10 with mussels. With no excuse to put a fancy feast on the table – mussels make a meal your taste buds can’t afford to ignore.

Full of goodness

Don’t let the small size of a mussel fool you. They offer a big dose of minerals and vitamins – omega 3, selenium, iodine, Vitamins A and B12 and iron. They even have more protein than a fillet of steak. You will be hard pressed to find a more impressive healthy seafood choice. And best of all – you can cook mussels in under five minutes – making them the ultimate healthy fast food.

We use the innovative SeaSure packaging to seal in the flavour and freshness of our mussels. This helps them to stay alive and well on their journey from water to plate… so when you get your hands on a packet of mussels, they are bursting with the tender, sweet and fresh taste of the ocean.

Sustainability harvested

Mussels are one of the most sustainable foods you can buy. That’s because they are natural filter-feeders. Each mussel filters through 20 litres of seawater a day, cleaning the waters as it goes. That leaves mussels in a league of their own; instead of taking from the marine environment, as they grow, they help to improve it.

Discover how easy and quick it is to whip up a masterpiece with mussels at home.

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New season mussels – celebrate a winter seafood bounty

Eyre Peninsula Seafoods farm the highest quality Australian mussels on the market. Recognised by leading chefs, winning industry awards, favoured by purveyors of fine seafood and Australia’s leading supermarkets, winter is the perfect time to indulge your creativity with Australian fresh farmed new season mussels.

Why mussels are the perfect winter meal

Mussels are the perfect hot, hearty winter meal because of their convenience. Embrace the drop in temperature and enjoy mussels in soups, broths, laksas, curries, paellas and just about any other winter recipe.

Pairing the best wine with mussels

Here in Australia, we are lucky to have a bounty of top-quality and deliciously fresh seafood to feast on all year round. We’re also blessed to have some of the best wines in the world. And when the two come together, it’s truly magical.

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