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Eyre Peninsula Seafoods is home to Australia’s premium mussel brands: Kinkawooka Shellfish and Boston Bay Mussels. Soft, small and sweet with a rich creamy texture, our mussels are simply the best. Ocean fresh, certified organic and sustainably farmed, our mussels are good for you and the ocean.

Kinkawooka Shellfish

Cooking for a crowd? With Kinkawooka’s 1kg Ready to Cook Mussels you can easily serve up a pot of our ocean fresh mussels to your dinner guests.

Mussel Hot Pot

They’re here and they’re fabulous… our Boston Bay Mussel Hot Pot from the pristine waters off the Eyre Peninsula, packed fresh using only the best ingredients.

Boston Bay

Our 1kg Ready to Cook Boston Bay Mussels make the perfect choice to cook when feeding a crowd. Restaurant quality mussels in your home!

Soft, small and sweet mussels

We are proud to farm the highest quality sweet and creamy native blue mussels from the pristine waters of Boston Bay. Our innovative SeaSure packaging means our premium brands – Kinkawooka Shellfish and Boston Bay Mussels – are available on selected supermarket shelves and premium seafood retailers so every Australian can enjoy the ocean fresh taste of Australia’s finest quality mussels.

Sustainability and the environment

We know sustainability matters to you… it matters to us, too. We grow our mussels to have zero impact on the environment. We are committed to using sustainable harvesting and processing practices to reduce our impact… and protect the waters for generations to come.

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Our recipes

Mussels with Beer and Chorizo

Mussels with Beer and Chorizo

Enjoy this classic Mexican street food mussels with beer and chorizo dish. It takes around 30mins bringing the flavours and fragrances of Mexican life to your kitchen. Combine with your favourite beer however, a pilsner works best. Grab a 6 pack and enjoy a beer with friends while cooking up this feast.

Mussel Hot Pot White Wine and Garlic

Mussel Hot Pot White Wine and Garlic

Outstanding value, highly nutritious, packed with flavour and so easy. Our chefs have done all the hard work. Using Australia’s best mussels from EP Seafoods our delicious Mussel Hot Pot in White Wine and Garlic is your gateway to experiencing the very best in Australian-grown mussels without the fuss.

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Mussels Hot Pot in Corn Chowder

Mussels Hot Pot in Corn Chowder

Mussel Hot Pot in Tomato Broth

Mussel Hot Pot in Tomato Broth

Mussels Hot Pot Tom Yum

Mussels Hot Pot Tom Yum

Greek Style Fried Mussels

Greek Style Fried Mussels

Wholesale and retail

As one of Australia’s largest mussel producers, we pride ourselves on innovative farming practices, high standards of food safety and processing technology. Our focus is to maintain a smooth and efficient production process so you can get the supply you want… when you need it.

Our water to plate process

Our quest to produce Australia’s finest mussels drives everything we do. And we don’t rely on luck – we know exactly what it takes. That’s why we follow a tried and true harvesting process to produce the rich, plump and creamy mussels you love.

1 Seed & Grow
2 Care & Harvest
3 Process & Grade
4 Seal & Deliver

News & Articles

Now is a great time to enjoy the mussel season ~ sweeter flavour and a creamy texture

Now is the best time for mussels. Winter mussels from EP Seafoods are plump, juicy and have a sweeter flavour. The best mussel season is March to November and in June and July the mussels begin to spawn. This is a great time to enjoy Australia’s very best mussels from the Eyre Peninsula.

Eating mussels for the family meal became a habit that we all enjoyed

Busy? Aren’t we all! Since we came out of a lockdown it can feel like the days are moving faster and we have less time to do those things that are important to our health. Whilst the lockdowns were hard, we found we had more time and more reason to make time for our own wellbeing and that of our two children. Mussels for the family meal became the norm.

Black mussels and blue mussels are found on the menus of leading restaurants

Black mussels dominate the menus of the world’s leading restaurants. Native to the waters of Southern Africa, the Arctic Ocean, the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans the similarity of black mussels to blue mussels grown in the Southern Ocean of mainland Australia is beginning to gain a great deal of attention with many Australian chefs.

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