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Eyre Peninsula Seafoods is home to Australia’s premium mussel brands: Kinkawooka Shellfish, Boston Bay Mussels and Spencer Gulf Mussels. Soft, small and sweet with a rich creamy texture, our mussels are simply the best. Ocean fresh, certified organic and sustainably farmed, our mussels are good for you and the ocean.

Kinkawooka Shellfish

1kg Pot Ready Mussels

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Boston Bay

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Spencer Gulf Mussels

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Soft, small and sweet mussels

We are proud to farm the highest quality sweet and creamy native blue mussels from the pristine waters of Boston Bay. Our innovative SeaSure packaging means our premium brands – Kinkawooka Shellfish, Boston Bay Mussels and Spencer Gulf Mussels – are available on selected supermarket shelves and premium seafood retailers so every Australian can enjoy the ocean fresh taste of Australia’s finest quality mussels.

Sustainability and the environment

We know sustainability matters to you… it matters to us, too. We grow our mussels to have zero impact on the environment. We are committed to using sustainable harvesting and processing practices to reduce our impact… and protect the waters for generations to come.

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Our recipes

Mussels with Pale Ale and Thyme

Mussels with Pale Ale and Thyme

Transport yourself to the tastes and aromas of a Belgian beer garden with this light but moreish Belgian style feast.

Curry Laksa Mussels

Curry Laksa Mussels

Transport yourself to South-East Asia (and South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula) with our curry laksa mussels winter warmer. A party of flavours, with ingredients that entice every sense… long before you sit down to enjoy this dish.

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Mussels with Garlic and Breadcrumbs

Mussels with Garlic and Breadcrumbs

What to expect from your Kinkawooka Pot Ready Mussels

What to expect from your Kinkawooka Pot Ready Mussels

How to enjoy your Kinkawooka Cooked Mussels

How to enjoy your Kinkawooka Cooked Mussels

Kinkawooka New Season Chilli Mussels

Kinkawooka New Season Chilli Mussels

Wholesale and retail

As one of Australia’s largest mussel producers, we pride ourselves on innovative farming practices, high standards of food safety and processing technology. Our focus is to maintain a smooth and efficient production process so you can get the supply you want… when you need it.

Our water to plate process

Our quest to produce Australia’s finest mussels drives everything we do. And we don’t rely on luck – we know exactly what it takes. That’s why we follow a tried and true harvesting process to produce the rich, plump and creamy mussels you love.

1 Seed & Grow
2 Care & Harvest
3 Process & Grade
4 Seal & Deliver

News & Articles

Sustainable mussels – good eating begins at home

Mussels are exploding onto the culinary scene, globally recognised as one of the true natural superfoods. Mussels boast a superior nutritional profile than red meat and a higher protein content than finned fish. It is time to get your dose of the world’s most affordable seafood delicacy with the added advantage of supporting a farmed protein source that contributes to a healthier planet.

Sustainable mussels – the healthier meat alternative

The science is in and the experts have spoken. Sustainably farmed mussels are the way forward when it comes to finding an alternative to your meat fix.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS); says that when it comes to the environment and marine health, mussels are one of the best options from a sustainability point of view.

A pot of steamed mussels a Belgian icon

If you’ve ever been to Belgium, you would have heard the saying “Belgian people cook with the finesse of the French but eat with the passion and portion size of the Germans,” or something along these lines. From the marauding days of the Vikings, Romans and Spanish, to the delicate touch of the French and the love of the amber brew from the Germans, the Belgian food scene has many influences. Their passion for beer and mussels is as traditional as any heritage found throughout the European continent.

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