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You simply can’t beat Australian blue mussels. Rich with a creamy texture and sweet flavour, they are the envy of mussel farmers around the world.

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we are fortunate to call the pristine oceanic waters of Boston Bay home. Located off the West Coast of South Australia we harvest the highest quality native blue mussels all year round for our three premium mussel brands: Boston Bay Mussels, Kinkawooka Mussels and previously, Spencer Gulf Mussels.

Men harvesting Mussels on the ocean

Ocean fresh, always

Sweet… firm… creamy… our mussels have a fresh flavour and incredible texture.

In every packet of Eyre Peninsula Seafoods mussels we take you on a water to plate flavour journey.

Our mussel farming and handling methods produce mussels bursting with flavour. We combine the best of traditional mussel farming techniques with the latest technology in everything we do.

We use our innovative SeaSure vacuum packaging to seal in their ocean fresh flavour, keeping the mussels fresher for longer. That means that you can enjoy the same delicious taste of a freshly harvested mussel at home… no matter where you live in Australia or around the world.

Kinkawooka mussels in tomato base

Maximum flavour, minimum fuss

When you need to knock together a dinner in a hurry, mussels are your go-to. It’s never been easier to create a masterpiece in minutes, using mussels. The options are endless. Mussels are a natural superfood. They are overflowing with nutrients your body needs… in fact they have more protein and iron than fillet of steak.

And we take care of the messy work for you…

…we scrub and clean the mussels so you can keep your hands clean – and your kitchen, too. We also remove most of the beard of the mussel – otherwise known as the byssus threads or the mass of filaments that secure the mussels to the surfaces they grow on.

No mess. No fuss. Just a great tasting, nutritious meal with more protein than fillet steak. And all with a product that you can grab from your local supermarket or premium seafood store.

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Nutritious mussel meal

Great value… incredible health benefits

Our mussels are incredible value for money. Using mussels, you can create a nutritious meal the whole family will love, for under $15.

Equally as delicious whether steamed or cooked up in white wine or a curry. Mussels are a versatile superfood.

If you purchase our ready-to-eat range, you can enjoy them as a snack on the go. And with a nine month shelf life, you can always have a packet handy to whip up a meal in moments.

Kinkawooka mussels live

Organically grown, sustainably harvested

We believe that nature in its simplest form provides an abundance of nutrition. That’s why we grow our mussels in a 100% natural environment. And we don’t add any preservatives or flavours, so you get only the best tasting mussels nature has to offer.

We know sustainability matters to you… it matters to us, too. We grow our mussels to have zero impact on the environment.

We are committed to using sustainable harvesting and processing practices to reduce our impact… and protect the waters for generations to come.

Kinkawooka mussels bowl

Safety and quality are always top of mind

Our purpose is simple: to produce Australia’s finest quality mussels. And it is this purpose that guides everything we do.

When you buy mussels from Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, you’ll get the best Australia has to offer. That’s because we are constantly monitoring our mussel crop, checking for optimum condition, flavour and texture. Our team of experienced mussel farmers won’t accept anything less than perfect.

We insist on exceeding the required food safety standards. We closely monitor the mussels from water to plate. They conduct multiple checks throughout the production process to make sure Eyre Peninsula mussels offer quality you can trust.

Mussel farming

A global powerhouse in mussel farming

Andrew Puglisi and Mark Andrews are formidable pioneers in South Australian mussel farming. Having successfully established their respective mussel brands in the region, they saw an opportunity to join forces, combining their passion and knowledge to form a new powerhouse in mussel farming. In 2016, Eyre Peninsula Seafoods was born.

Their mission was clear – for every South Australian mussel produced to have the perfect condition, flavour and texture from water to plate.

Busting myths with Murray the mussel

Murray, an Australian Blue Mussel is determined to bust the long-held myth that mussels that don’t open are no good to eat. Australians have thrown away around 370 tonnes of good mussels a year because of an old wives tale… but at Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we’re here to bust the myth with Murray!

Sometimes, mussels just hang on a bit harder. But it doesn’t mean they’re not bursting with fresh flavour and ready to enjoy. Thanks to Murray the mussel’s help, you don’t need to throw away a closed mussel.

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we make the most of our sweet, firm and creamy mussels full of ocean flavour and incredible texture and show you how you can enjoy your fresh mussels.

Strength in numbers

As a duo they each contributed their unique strengths and innovations to Eyre Peninsula Seafoods. Andrew, a fifth-generation fisherman, brought a rich heritage of producing high quality seafoods and his well-loved Kinkawooka mussel brand, which used the innovative SeaSure packaging. The same vacuum seal packaging is used across all of Eyre Peninsula Seafoods mussel products today to keep the ocean fresh flavour locked inside.

Mark, an experienced mussel farmer originally from New Zealand, brought the use of longline farming techniques which saw his mussel brand, Boston Bay, gain popularity in the market. This same technique helps Eyre Peninsula Seafoods to keep its mussels clean, healthy and free from bottom dwelling predators.

In a once small and fragmented South Australia mussel farming industry, Eyre Peninsula Seafoods has quickly risen to the top – and remained there. Eyre Peninsula Seafoods stands firmly as a global leader in vertically integrated mussel farming and processing.

Meet our dedicated and experienced team of mussel farmers.

Enjoy ocean fresh mussels at home

Discover just how simple it is to create a tasty masterpiece with our range of premium mussel brands today.

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