Incredible Health Benefits of Mussels

Prise open a mussel shell and you won’t just find a tasty sweet’ll discover one of nature’s ultimate superfoods. Packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Introducing mussels into your diet can bring a whole host of unexpected health benefits. And being quick to cook, cheap to buy and sustainably harvested means eating mussels is a no brainer.

Healthy fast food mussels

Healthy fast food

Mussels are a fast food you can feel good about.

They make a super-satisfying snack or protein-rich meal you can whip up in minutes. And you’ll love knowing they are overflowing with nutrients your body needs.

And best of all, you don’t need to add oil or butter. Steam. Toss in a sauce. And dinner is on the table. Simple, healthy and delicious.

Completely natural

Completely natural - nothing added

What’s not inside a mussel is just as important as what grows inside.

Our mussels are certified organic and are naturally gluten free.

We don’t add any preservatives or artificial flavours.

So you can trust that you are getting only the best that nature has to offer.

Better mussels, better for you

Mussels naturally contain an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals. And with only the finest mussels in every packet of our Eyre Peninsula Seafoods products, they are just too good to resist.

Some of the health benefits of mussels include:

Open mussels in white background
  • More protein and iron than fillet of steak! You can get a protein fix for muscle development and you’ll feel fuller for longer.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids which are brilliant for improving brain function and reducing inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.
  • Vitamins A and B12 – which your skin, eyes and immune system will thank you for.
  • Zinc to aid in building a strong immune system.
  • Iodine which is needed to regulate your thyroid hormones. These hormones control the body’s metabolism.
  • Selenium for healthy, glowing skin.

Mussels are low in fat… but high in flavour. Add a few herbs and you can dig into a healthy meal that packs a flavour punch.

Mussels locked in goodness

Locked in goodness

What truly makes our mussels sweet, creamy and tender is the process we have developed to keep each and every mussel in its optimum condition as it journeys from water to plate.

When we harvest the mussels, they undergo an intensive process. Within hours of removing from the ocean to clean, scrub and debeard the mussels before we package them up. By minimising the processing time, we maximise the natural flavours in our mussels. And your taste buds are the winners!

We use our innovative SeaSure process to seal in the flavour. It keeps the mussels alive and extends the life of the mussel during the journey. We keep our mussels at the perfect temperature, preventing them from opening or becoming stressed. A happy mussel – chilled and safely held together – is a healthy mussel.


Ready to introduce mussels into your diet?

It’s never been easier  – grab a packet of our premium mussels from your local supermarket or specialty seafood retailer and you’ll be on your way to a healthy feast. Mussels are good for you and the ocean – discover how mussels are the most sustainable seafood on offer.

Where to buy

Our Premium Products

Ocean fresh, certified organic and sustainably farmed, our Australian blue mussels are simply the best.

Kinkawooka Shellfish 1Kg Ready to cook mussels

There’s no need to worry if you are cooking for a crowd with Kinkawooka’s 1kg Ready to Cook Mussels. You can feel proud serving up a pot of our ocean fresh mussels to your dinner guests.

Boston Bay 500g Cooked mussels

We grade, scrub and debeard our mussels, then cook them in their natural juices and spring water within an hour of harvest to guarantee that every mussel in every bag is full, sweet and delicious.

Spencer Gulf Mussels 1kg Ready to cook

No longer simply a treat you can only enjoy in a fancy restaurant – with our premium mussels you can bring the fine taste and supreme quality to your own dining table.

News & Articles

Sustainable mussels – good eating begins at home

Mussels are exploding onto the culinary scene, globally recognised as one of the true natural superfoods. Mussels boast a superior nutritional profile than red meat and a higher protein content than finned fish. It is time to get your dose of the world’s most affordable seafood delicacy with the added advantage of supporting a farmed protein source that contributes to a healthier planet.

Sustainable mussels – the healthier meat alternative

The science is in and the experts have spoken. Sustainably farmed mussels are the way forward when it comes to finding an alternative to your meat fix.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS); says that when it comes to the environment and marine health, mussels are one of the best options from a sustainability point of view.

A pot of steamed mussels a Belgian icon

If you’ve ever been to Belgium, you would have heard the saying “Belgian people cook with the finesse of the French but eat with the passion and portion size of the Germans,” or something along these lines. From the marauding days of the Vikings, Romans and Spanish, to the delicate touch of the French and the love of the amber brew from the Germans, the Belgian food scene has many influences. Their passion for beer and mussels is as traditional as any heritage found throughout the European continent.

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