We grow our Australian blue mussels in the Mediterranean style to be small, soft and sweet. They are tender, succulent mussels bursting with a rich and sweet flavour. Unlike big oceanic mussels from open water farming, the true quality of the bay grown mussel lies in its eating quality.

Premium mussels… all year round

At the start of the season in June, our mussels are typically ‘petite’ with 60-70 pieces per kilo and a meat to shell ratio of nearly 50 per cent. As the harvest year continues, the mussels grow in size to 30-35 pieces per kilo by March.

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, we make sure that the mussel meat to shell ratio remains high throughout the season, and importantly that we always deliver an excellent eating mussel.


45-55 pcs per kg

40-50pcs per kg

35-45 pcs per kg

30-40pcs per kg


Bursting in flavour and taste

We grow Kinkawooka mussels in the untouched waters of Boston Bay off the west coast of Spencer Gulf, South Australia. The cold clean waters of the Great Southern Ocean are home to the finest mussels in the world. We grow and harvest premium mussels to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and culinary quality.

And our mussels are award-winning… Kinkawooka Mussels have been awarded a Gold Medallist in the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards 2020.


Rich in heritage

Kinkawooka Shellfish has been delighting taste buds since 1976. The Puglisi family established an integrated seafood growing, catching and processing company.

Bob Puglisi and son Andrew are 5th and 6th generation fishermen, who have been at the leading edge of contemporary fisheries in Australia over the past 40 years. With a rich heritage of both fishing and cooking from their homeland in Southern Italy, the Puglisi family know that the unique waters fed by the Great Southern Ocean and the sunny Mediterranean climate of South Australia produce some of the finest shellfish in the world.

They pioneered mussel farming in the late 1990s in the region. After nearly 15 years, Andrew Puglisi joined forces with Mark Andrews from Boston Bay Mussels to build an unrivalled powerhouse in the mussel farming industry, Eyre Peninsula Seafoods.

A special meaning behind the name

The name ‘Kinkawooka’ has special meaning to the Puglisi family. It was also the name given to a farm property owned by Andrew’s grandfather. He was a beef farmer on the south coast of NSW, whose property backed onto the Clyde River, which provided flowing fresh water. In the local Indigenous dialect, Kinkawooka means ‘good water’.

Innovation focused

It was Andrew’s desire to share the fresh tasting quality of his mussels with the world, that led to a game-changing innovation in packaging. The development of his SeaSure vacuum packaging meant the mussels could stay in their natural state from water to plate… meaning they would be fresher for longer. We use SeaSure packaging across all Eyre Peninsula Seafoods products.

Discover how easy and tasty it is to create a masterpiece with our premium Kinkawooka Shellfish mussels today.

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