Why mussels make the most sustainable seafood choice

Mussels in a pan

A seafood that is good for you… and good for the ocean?

The mighty mussel fits the bill! Mussels are overflowing with essential nutrients that your body needs to be at its best. And with zero impact on the environment and plentiful supply, you can enjoy these tasty morsels – guilt free.

Blue shell mussels

Mussels need little to thrive

The sustainability of mussels comes down to how they are grown.

Mussels need very little to thrive. They don’t need artificial fertilisers or feed which can have harmful impacts on the marine environment.

Mussels feed on nutrients that are naturally found in the water.

And when you grow them in the pristine waters of Boston Bay in South Australia – like we do – they have the best chance to thrive in waters rich in natural nutrients. Our mussels are organically grown so you can enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Surprisingly, farmed mussels can actually improve the water around them. Mussels clean the ocean as they grow, increasing the water quality by filtering out nutrients and phytoplankton. This keeps oxygen levels in check and prevents the algae blooms that can be deadly to other sea life. When we say mussels are the ultimate sustainable seafood, we really mean it!

Ropes with plenty of baby mussels

Rope grown mussels keep oceans clean

Mussel farms are very simple to set up and maintain. That’s because they don’t require large areas of natural habitat to grow – like oysters that need sand banks – or large artificial infrastructures that can interfere with the sea life around them.

Mussels can be sustainably grown using ropes suspended just below the ocean surface.

By keeping the mussels off the ocean floor not only does it protect the surrounding vegetation, it also keeps them sand and grit-free for a flavour and texture bonus.

We use natural products such as cotton to help the baby mussels transplant onto the rope as they mature. The cotton sock naturally disintegrates into the water helping to keep our oceans plastic free and healthy… for generations to come.

Marinara mussels with toasted bread and lemon

High in flavour, low in price

As a sustainable seafood choice, you can’t go past mussels. And not just because of their environmental benefits… they are good for your wallet, too!

You can toss a packet of Australian grown mussels through a pasta dish or serve them steamed in a white wine sauce… all for less than $15.

Even better still, you can grab a packet of ready-to-cook mussels from your local supermarket or specialist store while you do your regular grocery shop.

Committed to a sustainable future

At Eyre Peninsula Seafoods we are proud of producing the most sustainable seafood choice… mussels.

We are deeply committed to keeping our oceans clean and healthy for future generations to come. That’s why we are doing our part.

Adding mussels to your everyday life can give you a highly nutritious, flavoursome protein that can do good for our oceans.

Learn more about how beneficial mussels are to the oceans and our commitment to sustainability.