What To Expect From Your Mussels

It's easy to enjoy our nutritious mussels in only minutes... from the pack to your plate. What exactly can you expect when opening one of our bags of mussels? Well, let's show you!

How to Cook
... deliciously soft

Our tips on how to cook mussels couldn’t be easier. You’ll always make the right choice with Eyre Peninsula Seafoods premium mussels products.


How to enjoy your Kinkawooka Cooked Mussels

Need a quick but nutritious meal for a lazy Friday night? Here’s how to enjoy your Kinkawooka cooked mussels… and it’s ready in a flash.


What to expect from your Kinkawooka Pot Ready Mussels

We know how busy life gets. That’s why we pack all of our premium mussels ready to eat or cook. Learn more what to expect from your Kinkawooka mussels.


News & Articles

Fill your home with laughter, music and great home cooked meals

Fill your home with laughter, music and really good home cooked food. Cooking is something people do either regularly or rarely. Convenience food has shifted our way of enjoying a meal and has changed family habits. Not all of it is bad, and grabbing a takeaway or going out for a meal is still part of our culture.

Simple, healthy, home cooked meals

Remember how good a home cooked meal used to be? The smells as you came through the front door, the noise as the oven whirled, pots bubbling, the family milling around each one’s story of the day more important and therefore needed to be told louder than everyone else’s. It is a part of our childhood that we probably remember with the most fondness, conjuring lost memories.

Sustainable mussels – good eating begins at home

Mussels are exploding onto the culinary scene, globally recognised as one of the true natural superfoods. Mussels boast a superior nutritional profile than red meat. It is time to get your dose of this seafood delicacy while supporting a farmed traditional protein source that contributes to a healthier planet.

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