What To Expect From Your Mussels

It's easy to enjoy our nutritious mussels in only minutes... from the pack to your plate. What exactly can you expect when opening one of our bags of mussels? Well, let's show you!

How to Cook
... deliciously soft

Our tips on how to cook mussels couldn’t be easier. You’ll always make the right choice with Eyre Peninsula Seafoods premium mussels products.


How to enjoy your Kinkawooka Cooked Mussels

Need a quick but nutritious meal for a lazy Friday night? Here’s how to enjoy your Kinkawooka cooked mussels… and it’s ready in a flash.


What to expect from your Kinkawooka Pot Ready Mussels

We know how busy life gets. That’s why we pack all of our premium mussels ready to eat or cook. Learn more what to expect from your Kinkawooka mussels.


News & Articles

Now is a great time to enjoy the mussel season ~ sweeter flavour and a creamy texture

Now is the best time for mussels. Winter mussels from EP Seafoods are plump, juicy and have a sweeter flavour. The best mussel season is March to November and in June and July the mussels begin to spawn. This is a great time to enjoy Australia’s very best mussels from the Eyre Peninsula.

Eating mussels for the family meal became a habit that we all enjoyed

Busy? Aren’t we all! Since we came out of a lockdown it can feel like the days are moving faster and we have less time to do those things that are important to our health. Whilst the lockdowns were hard, we found we had more time and more reason to make time for our own wellbeing and that of our two children. Mussels for the family meal became the norm.

Black mussels and blue mussels are found on the menus of leading restaurants

Black mussels dominate the menus of the world’s leading restaurants. Native to the waters of Southern Africa, the Arctic Ocean, the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans the similarity of black mussels to blue mussels grown in the Southern Ocean of mainland Australia is beginning to gain a great deal of attention with many Australian chefs.

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