Are mussels good for you? Mussels are one of nature's true superfoods and the perfect mid-week meal

appetizing fresh Steamed sea mussels on a plate

For the busy couple juggling careers, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential but it can also be time-consuming. It takes effort getting to the gym or the pool, and finding time for regular and consistent workouts is not always easy.

Life gets demanding, and many time poor couples are at least making conscious food choices by paying attention to the foods they eat, where it comes from, the food’s health benefits and its sustainability.

All these factors are fantastic, and many people are discovering that mussels are good for you in more ways than one.

The health benefits of mussels outshine many other sources of protein

The health benefits of eating mussels cannot be understated. They’re packed with essential vitamins and minerals integral to maintaining healthy organs and brain function, filling the gap many busy couples need in their weekly diet. For those active couples who are regulars on the running tracks, participating in sports and gym workouts, absorbing protein rich foods is critical for muscle strength and recovery.

What may surprise many is that mussels contain more digestible protein and iron than finned fish and red meats. Mussels are an excellent source of vitamins, including A, B2 and B12. These vitamins are essential for skin, building red blood cells, brain function, energy levels and maintaining a healthy immune system, which is especially important over the winter months.

Mussels also provide excellent levels of phosphorous, copper, iodine, omega 3s, zinc and selenium. They are very low in fat and a meal of mussels will help you feel fuller for longer.

Freshly harvested Mussels placed on a plate

We farm our mussels without chemical intervention

Farming mussels requires no chemical intervention. At EP Seafoods, our mussel farms are located in the clear free running natural waters of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. We are a fourth-generation fishing family with a long history of natural farming practice that maintains the health of the oceans and our mussel stocks without the need for land clearing or any intervention in the natural growing cycle.

Mussels are natural filter feeders, and the Eyre Peninsula waters offer an abundance of food and nutrition-rich conditions that ensure our mussels grow in the best natural conditions. Our water to plate process ensures only the finest mussels make the journey from water to plate, ensuring we offer the best in naturally grown and harvested Australian mussels.

Sustainability drives every decision we make

EP Seafoods’ long and highly reputed history as a successful and environmentally aware fishing family business means that sustainable farming is in our blood. Mussels are one of the planet’s most sustainable sources of protein, playing a critical role in keeping our oceans healthy. A single mussel filters up to 20 litres of ocean water per day. Our mussels feed off the natural upwellings from the Great Southern Ocean, filtering out phytoplankton and sediments, thereby cleaning the water as they grow.

There is no requirement for artificial foods or other additives that can contaminate the water. Mussels prevent algae blooms and provide a safe habitat for many marine creatures. Critical to the marine ecosystem, we take total care to ensure our farms remain in optimum health and create a sustained environment that endures for generations to come.

Ready to cook Mussel hot pot in a container

Innovating ways for all Australians to enjoy the new season of Australian-grown mussels

Although tradition runs deep in our family business, EP Seafoods continues to pioneer new ways for all Australians to enjoy the bounty of the world’s best mussels. Our website is packed with easy and highly nutritious recipes prepared by our in-house chef and our chief mussel taster.

We aim to keep the cost of our mussels as competitive as possible, ensuring that mussels can become a staple in households around the country.

Adding mussels to your weekly food planner is a great idea for the health conscious, busy couple.

Steamed mussels in white wine sauce with parsley and garlic

For more mussel ideas explore a library of quick and stimulating ideas

EP Seafoods has an extensive library of quick and stimulating recipes that are sure to captivate any occasion. Created by chefs for chefs and for the home cook, each recipe is easy to follow and only uses fresh, healthy ingredients.

Steamed mussels on white plate

The Kinkawooka Way

Remember to prepare your mussels the Kinkawooka Way. Our chefs have created the ultimate preparation technique, enhancing the flavour, texture and nutritional composition of the world’s best protein superfood.

Grab a packet of our mussels today and get creative with our library of recipes.

Where to buy

You can find our mussels on supermarket shelves or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer both live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.