Convenient, tasty, nutritious and great value for money, our new mussel hot pots make choosing mussels simple

Mussel hot pot in a ready to eat container

Finding a tasty, nutritious meal option that is super convenient and great value for money is difficult. Packets of pre-made pasta, meal-for-one soups or TV dinners, while convenient and easy, lack flavour and have very little nutritional content. EP Seafoods have got together with our chefs to create the most satisfying, creative, flavoursome and nutritious mussel hot pot meals for one that can quickly become a meal for four without too much fuss.

Our mussel hot pots, now available at selected Woolworths stores and other leading food retailers, tick all the boxes and make for an outstanding mid-week meal that is a great alternative to traditional pre-made food.

Four outstanding mussel hot pot flavours that you can eat by themselves or toss through a pasta

EP Seafoods’ mussel hot pots come in four creative and exciting flavour profiles. Each mussel hot pot is perfectly balanced with just the right ingredients. Created and tested by our in-house chefs for optimum taste, ease of use and nutrition, any of the four from our mussel hot pot range can be a simple meal for one or just as easily added to pasta for a healthy family feast.

They only take a few minutes in the microwave. We’ve done all the hard work, with a range of excellent recipe ideas for busy people that take the stress and hassle out of the mid-week routine.

Steamed mussels dish

Mussels taste great and are easy to prepare - but are they good for you?

The data is in, and it’s clear. Mussels are a true natural superfood. A mussel contains very high protein levels, in fact, more than finned fish and red meat. They are packed with omega 3 and have a high concentration of selenium, which is very important for your immune system, thyroid and heart function. Mussels are fat-free and contain vitamins A and B12, zinc, folate and iron. Many food nutritionists are eager for people to include mussels in their weekly diet.

Mussels are exceptionally good for your health and equally good for your hip pocket. Mussels are the most inexpensive source of high-quality protein available. Our mussel hot pots are no exception. At around $10 a serve, a feed of mussels is far more economical and healthy than any other pre-prepared meal you can buy at the supermarket and far healthier than a mid-week takeaway.

Freshly harvested Mussels placed on a plate

When sustainability matters to you, mussels are the world's most sustainable source of protein

As a fourth-generation fishing family with 20 years in mussel farming, EP Seafoods champions sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices. Our farming is designed to ensure the health of our oceans and our mussel stocks for generations to come.

There are no fertilisers, no land clearing, and zero environmental impact. Quite the opposite – our mussel farms support a natural ocean ecosystem that has flourished for millions of years. Our water-to-plate process ensures every mussel hot pot meal and every packet of mussels we produce is as fresh as nature intended.

Add a mussel hot pot to your weekly shop and experience the benefits

Next time you do your weekly grocery shop, grab one or a couple of the mussel hot pots for a mid-week meal. You can’t go wrong, and you’ll experience a new and easy way to experience one of nature’s true wonder foods.

  • $10 a serve is very economical
  • Four fantastic flavours
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Ready in less than 3 minutes
  • Store a few in the fridge
  • Chef prepared
  • From the pristine waters of the Eyre Peninsula
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Simply delicious

Where to buy

You can find our mussels hot pots in selected Woolworths supermarkets or from specialty seafood retailers. We offer mussel hot pots, live pot ready and cooked mussels, to give you more options for a quick and healthy meal in minutes.